Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Fun Package in the Mail!

Happy Wednesday!!
I have been so busy making boxes etc. I haven't had much time to visit over the last couple of days.
I just wanted to show you the fun package I received a couple of days ago.
I found out about Madai at Wren Cottage, from Manuela at the Feathered Nest!
She bought the cutest banner from Wren Cottage Etsy shop. I had to have one too!
The wrapping was so cute.
I found out that the cute stickers were from

Look at the cute DREAM banner. Madai, does such a nice job making these.

She even added a few little extras to the package. Thank you Madai!!

Just wanted to share! If you have a chance visit these shops.

Have a great day!




debbiekay said...


Love the banner. I visited her site and will be placing an order soon. Thanks for your blog!

Debbie Kay

Robolady said...

beautiful banner

Simply Me Art said...

Love, Love, Love the Banner, Im off to visit these shops... Have a Wonderful rest of your week...

Signature Vintage said...

LOL....I've been impatiently awaiting this new season since last season, rofl! And I discovered Destination Truth, which I didn;t think I liked, but am hooked to that as tonight is for sure a popcorn, no work night!!! I'll have to check out your Cottage of the Month!

debbie said...

love your banner, it's beautiful =) i've been wanting to purchase one for the wall mantel in our living room... debbie

Robyn said...

Rosemary! I have missed you and your blog! I just sent Cindy over at Romantic your beautiful nest! I decided to give it to her to thank her for something she did for my mom and bestfriend!

I have to say it was very hard to part with! But I did take a photo of it! So I can journal it!

Well it is good to be back! I have missed your wonderful blog and the wonderful you!

PAT said...

Rosemary, the banner is wonderful. I love the way it was packaged, too!


CIELO said...

Goom morning Rosemary.... what a beautiful banner! Lucky you!

Have a great weekend, my friend!


Merci-Notes said...

I love your banner also! I want to thank You also for sending me the sun! it is shining beautifully!!!


the feathered nest said...

Oooh you got a glitter heart! I'm so jealous! :-) I love the banner - where's it going?


Sandy said...

Hi Rosemary,
I so appreciate all your visits and your sweet comments!
Love the DREAM banner and thanks for the links ~ I'm gonna check them out now.
Have a great weekend.
Sandy :)

Mermaid Queen said...

Hi Rosemary,
I love the dream banner. Keep up the great work with all your beautiful boxes. ~Martha

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Love the banner...So cute!

hmmm...thinking where I could put a sparkle-y banner. :)


Deb said...

What a beautiful banner Rosemary.

Have a great weekend!

Susie Q said...

I just got this banner from Madai too! Isn't it wonderful?? I have to post about it this week...


Carol said...

Hi Rosemary,
long time no see!
I have 4 of Madais gorgeous glitter garlands now, the Dream Garland is one of them. I know her from flickr. You'll sure enjoy yours!
Hugs Carol xox