Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring, St. Patrick's Day, and Amanda's Tile!!

Happy Monday!!
Hope you are all having a nice holiday Monday!!

I wanted to show you some of my Spring/St. Patrick's Day decorating.

Old books, with bird nest.
A little vignette in progress. Spring has sprung.I got this cute little lamb at a thrift store for $2. He already had tiny shamrocks around his neck.More green.
I love these fairy books. They are made to look old, but they are new. They have beautiful illustrations.A bunny from Garden Memories.
Now, here is what I have really been up to this weekend. I spent Saturday and Sunday at my daughther Amanda's house. We were painting her kitchen. Couldn't really get a good picture of the wall color. It is a Tuscan yellow. That deep golden yellow color. Now picture tile behind her stove, a shiny white 1980's tile with little pictures of herbs here and there. She did not like it.
So in comes mom, queen of the paints. I say lets paint over the tile and make it look like tumbled stone. Well, it was a big job, but I did it. Here are the after pictures. Did not have my camera, when we started. I know you are picturing that old 1980's tile in your head.

What do you think???
We thought it turned out pretty good!!
I think you can click to make larger. I primed and painted. Then I pulled out my craft paints, and went to work. I put on poly at the end, so she could wipe off any splatters that may happen.
We were really excited with the finished project.
I am taking a little break today.
Have a great day!


Storybook Woods said...

Wow, looks wonderful !!!!! Clarice

ThriftShopRomantic said...

You are a busy, busy lassie-- between your St. Paddy's decorating and your painting. Your daughter is awfully lucky (luck o' the Irish? :) ) to have such a talented and helpful mom. The tiles look marvelous, and not at all like a faux finish.

Put the ol' feet up, Rosemary. :)

Genevieve Olsen said...

Hi Rosemary! That looks like a lot of work, but it is beautiful!I would love to start decorating for St. Patrick day but I must clean and do some laundry first! Boo Hoo!
Get some rest!

Anonymous said...

This looks great A+++++++.
When you are rested, would you share the colors and technique. I love this.

Inspired Tokens said...

Oh my....I'm still in Valentine's mode. Guess I'll have to get busy on St. Paddy's Day seeing as we are very Irish! I love the tile, you have been quite busy!

Linda said...

Rosemary..all so pretty. I love the bird nests and the little lamb is precious.

Your tile painting is awesome, I would never have believed it was originally white. You are the Queen of paints. Linda

Michelle said...

Great job on the tile painting! and the spring deco's are cute! I'm putting mine up this week.

cammyk said...

OMG Rosemary, you did an amazing job on the tile. I would have never guessed that it was painted. I saw the fairy book at B&N the other day - wish I would have bought it for Gracie. I just may go back and get a copy.

Quick question, it looks like we might be coming out to southern California over spring break. Unfortunately, I will miss the Rose Bowl flea market but was wondering if the Santa Monica flea market is worth checking out or are there any other places you would recommend?

Would appreciate your insight :)


Sugar Bear said...

Love all the St. Pat's decor. I'm not a bit Irish but I still love to decorate and celebrate! When I was a kid I used to wish I was Irish! I bet your daughter's kitchen is gorgeous.

Sandra Evertson said...

Love the displays, Wonderful!
Sandra Evertson

Anonymous said...

Wow! You did a FABULOUS job on that tile. How many colors did you use to get the effect you wanted? Did you stipple it on with a brush?


KARA said...

ok firstly woohoo for super mom rosemary, I wish you were my mom, how awesome do those tiles look, just like the real thing, you are so super clever.
Secondly woohoo for paddy day, I am half irish and longer get chance with work to celebrate but how gorgeous all the decorating you have done, you are such an inspiration

NAME: CIELO said...

Lots of work, but it is beautiful an;d so worth it!

Happy day to you


Simply Me Art said...

Wow, You really outdid yourself. In the photos it really looks Fantastic. Our houses were filled with the good old white tile. I love what you did. Thank goodness for mom! Well, Winter Weather is back, Ughhhh oh well we were spoiled for a few weeks, enjoy your week, Jamie

Deb said...

The tiles look fantastic Rosemary. You did a great job.

Mermaid Queen said...

Wow Rosemary, that is such a good job on the tiles. It gives the kitchen an old world feel. I love it! ~Martha

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

Your tile does look beautiful. And I love all of your egg nest. I think I might just have to get one real soon.
Have a wonderfu evening

Robyn said...

Oh Rosemary! You are one talented lady! WOW! Fantastic work dear heart! It looks like the real thing. Your daughter is very lucky! Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog! I too am very glad you and I have become friends!
Hugs & ♥,

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Wow! What a transformation! You did a fabulous job!

Donna O. said...

Now that is preatty darn good!!! I wouldn't even attempt it let alone have it actually turn out!! Your daughter is pretty lucky to have a talented and gutsy mom!!

Liz said...

All I can say is WOW! That looks fantastic! I really honestly didnt think painted tile could look that good!

Ack, 80's tile. That white white tile with the black grout? Ew.

the feathered nest said...

Rosemary, that looks so fabulous! It looks so real - you're amazing! You have so many talents!


The French Nest said...

I am in love with your collection of antique books! Your spring and St. Paddy's Day vignettes are gorgeous.


Junie Moon said...

I love the kitchen tile project and your St. Pat decorations are so cute.

Cindy said...

Wow, I am so impressed with those tiles! That is just amazing!

Linda said...

Wow those tiles look great, I can't believe that they are painted, that is so clever.
Cheers Linda

Lisa said...

What great treasures. Love the bird's nest. I'm ready for spring too, but there's still so much snow on the ground here.

Have a great week!

Susie Q said...

I love all of your are a true inspiration!

The bird's nest is so pretty...a touch of Spring on a cold day.

The tile work is SO gorgeous! I love the color!!


debbiekay said...

Ok Rosemary,

You are simply amazing. I am sooooo impressed with the tile. Isn't it amazing what a little creativity can do to save big money?
Won't you visit me at my new blog?

Debbie Kay

Rhondi said...

I love all your little vignettes and the green is just perfect for spring! The tile looks great. My daughter and I did hers before Christmas and then I just did tile in my kitchen recently too. You can see it on my blog. I was surprised how easy it is!
The boxes on your previous blog are great too. Love the little pink chicks!
Rhondi xo

Laume said...

I am TOTALLY impressed! Your daughter is lucky to have such a skilled mom. I feel the same way about my mom when I was a young, new homeowner and she used to wall paper and upholster things for me as if it was no big deal!


this turned out fantastic! It looks so real! you really should do a tutorial on how you achieved this! I didn't know you could paint tile...what kind of paint did you use?