Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pet Party Hats and more!!

Happy Wednesday Night!!

I had a special request for pet party hats, and here they are.

I thought you might get a kick out of these, as I did.

I never thought of making pet party hats before, but I hear it is fun to take a picture of your
pet on their birthday!!

Front view.Back view.
This is what I was up to today.

Here are some of my new Spring boxes. Then in my spare time, I made up some Valentines.
Hope you are having a great week so far!!

Time for me to go clean up the glitter, and watch American Idol.


ps, spell checker still not working.


Alison Gibbs said...

Pet Party Hats - amazing.
Love the goodies you have been making.

Robolady said...

Love it all. Especially the valentines and heart boxes. Love the initial charms below as well. You have such good taste.

The Old Painted Cottage said...


You continually inspire me with your incredible talents. Love these hats!

By the way, I'm having a Pampered Package Giveaway on my blog...please go check it out!


Robyn said...

OH I love these! Just love these!I am emailing you right now!

Linda said...

Hi Rosemary, the pet party hats are so too cute and I love your Spring boxes. you have a wonderful talent, I just love all your beautiful creations.
Hugs, Linda

PAT said...

The Pet Party Hats are so cute. I wish I could get Molly to wear a hat. I've tried...she just won't have it!


NAME: CIELO said...

Hi Rosemary!! Those hats are so cute! Can I have one for our golden retriever, Conan the barbarian?

Have a lovely day my friend


Holly said...

Hi Allison!
Thanks for visiting my new blog and welcoming me! Yours is FABULOUS and I can't wait to peruse through it.I will come back to visit often!Ruth

cammyk said...

You are a busy busy girl Rosemary! The little pet party hats are just darling!

Rhondi said...

Hi Rosemary. You make the most wonderful things! Party hats for dogs! Who would think of that! Anyhow everything you make is just wonderful and I love it. Thanks for all your comments.

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

I just love your boxes, and hats. All of you talented bloggers are getting me motivated!!
have a great day,

Mermaid Queen said...

Love, love, love the Spring boxes Rosemary! Eggs and birds are my thing. :) ~Martha

Deb said...

You've been busy - wonderful creations Rosemary. Our pets always wear a party hat on their birthdays & Benny also has a Happy New Year crown as he was born on January 1st :-}
Have a great weekend.

The Decorated House said...

Hi Rosemary! You are getting so much done, everything looks wonderful.

Have you been by to sign up for the One World One Heart GiveAway? I've lost track to who has been by. It was about time to come by for a visit. I'm glad I did.

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

In your spare time? That's a hoot! I love the idea of pet party hats. We celebrate everyone's birthday in this house.

Robolady said...

I've tagged you, see my blog for details.

Robolady said...

I meant to say I've given you an award, see may blog for details.

ThriftShopRomantic said...

Well, I must say, even your pet hats have class, Rosemary!

And dig those groovy paw prints! :)

Have a great weekend.

RedBessBonney said...

I love those pet party hats! So cute! And the valentines are beautiful!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh you busy girl. You party hats are wonderful. Keep up the charming work. xoxox Clarice

The French Nest said...

Just gorgeous, Rosemary!!

Jen r. said...

These are really neat! Love the hats!
Jen R

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...


Your talents continue to amaze me! I love your little pet party hats and those sweet little heart boxes are to die for!


the feathered nest said...

The pet party hats are so cute! I wonder if Maxie would keep it on his head! I adore your valentine boxes and the spring ones with the next are just darling and so me!


Rhondi said...

The party hats for dogs are too cute. I can see dog lovers loving them! All the things you make are so creative. You are a talented lady my friend.
Rhondi xo