Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fog, and Spring

Happy Wednesday!!

I walked out my front door earlier today, only to see the fog creeping over our hills.

I thought it looked so cool, I had to take a picture of it.

We don't live that far from the beach, so we have a coastal type climate.

The last few days has been rather warm for February, but now the fog is cooling things off again.
I love the fog !

I saw this hydrangea at Trader Joe's, so I had to buy it. The color is amazing, and my hydrangeas aren't nearly ready to bloom. Now I have my little touch of Spring.

I have been working on more Spring boxes this week. They are selling quite well, and I am trying to keep up with them.
Hope you are all having a good week so far, and you are getting ready for a romantic day tomorrow.



BailiwickDesigns said...

I grew up at the beach, and I adore fog. It made everything so quiet, and it would always burn off by noon anyway. We never get it here where I live now.

Love those hydrangeas too!

Alison Gibbs said...

Love that fog. It looks fabulous.
It is now nearly noon on valentine's Day for us.

Susie Q said...

I love the is so romantic, mysterious and very cool...of course, I hate to drive IN it!
I LOVE your Spring boxes! How precious are they!
I have my little Paris box on my mantel...I love it.


The Feathered Nest said...

I'm glad they're selling so well! They're so pretty! Hydrangeas are my favorite and last year they didn't bloom cause we had a freak freeze the killed the blossoms, but I'm hopeful for this year!


Donna O'Brien said...

Hi Rosemary- It looks like spring has sprung here! Wonderful. And so are the fog photos. I love the fog but my hair definately does NOT!

Robolady said...

Great picture of the Fog. and I love your spring boxes. you are so clever with the paper crafts.

Inspired Tokens said...

Wonderful photos of the fog...people think I'm crazy because I love the fog, snow and cold weather! Your boxes are just beautiful.

Sarah said...

Love your trinket boxes!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that your boxes are selling well. It must be very satisfying knowing that others appreciate your work.


Robyn said...

I love it! Rosemary! Thanks so very much for the beautiful box! Someone very special is getting this box...I will share with you later who!

ThriftShopRomantic said...

Oh, your little bird box is so cute-- and just what I need to see when it's so wintery here!

We just got a Trader Joes and I love it. What a fun store. And your hydrangeas are lovely. I'll be glad to see those popping up in our stores, too.

Here's to spring, and a Happy Valentine's Day to you, Rosemary!!

Storybook Woods said...

Akkk is that sun I see, I forgot what it looks like. Enjoy it for me. Love Clarice

Mermaid Queen said...

The fog was heavy here too. I couldn't even see across the street. Love your boxes Rosemary! Glad they are selling so well. ~Martha

debbie said...

ooooh, the fog is gorgeous... =) and i love your hydrangeas. those are one of my most favorite! and your boxes look oh so sweet!!! keep up the good work. hugs, debbie

Cottage At Dove Canyon said...

Rosemary, your boxes are just adorable! Love the hydrangeas - I just might have to take a trip to Trader Joe's and pick some up for myself. Have a lovely weekend.

Laume said...

Beautiful blue hydrangeas.

I miss the coastal fog. Here in the mountains we generally only get winter fog and although it makes beautiful "pogonip", it's also dangerous.