Friday, October 29, 2010

Hooked on Healdsburg Houses

Hi all!
Hope you had a nice week. I have been swamped here with Christmas work. It will continue for a few more weeks, so if I don't get around to visit I'm so sorry. Miss you all.
Here are more houses from my trip to Northern California. This town has the cutest houses. I took a morning walk with my husband and I couldn't stop snapping these pics.
I hope you all have a very Happy Halloween on Sunday! It seems like it was just summer and now it's Halloween. Where does the time go?
The cutest picture of all here is of my daughter holding baby Jake in his Super Mario costume. We all went to Boo at the Zoo last Sat. at the Santa Barbara Zoo.
They have a really fun thing for the kids, and they all wear their costumes.
Have fun, eat candy, and have a spooky time!
Chat again soon.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

rosespetitemaison meets mypetitemaison

Hi all!!
Back from a whirlwind vacation to Northern California!!
My husband and I traveled to Northern California for a little anniversary trip.
That is why I have been MIA from the blogs.
We had a wonderful time visiting family, and visiting new friends.
I will do another post about wine country soon.
This post is dedicated to all things fun and spooky.
I have been visiting Tracie's blog for quite some time now. We enjoy the same kinds of French flea market items, foods, movies, and all things spooky. So why not get together for the first time and go on a Sonoma Ghost tour. Our husbands were on board too. The first night we got up to the town Tracie lives in, we walked around the cutest town square, and took a short walk to meet Tracie and her husband Shane for dinner. Tracie and I hit it off right away and couldn't stop chatting long enough to even look at the menu. We are two peas in a pod for sure. Our husband's enjoyed chatting as well. We had a lovely meal together, and planned for the next day.
I had previously arranged a tour with Carla Heine of Sonoma Ghost Tours. You see, my husband and I like to watch Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel. We saw her take the tour and I was hooked. I told Tracie about it, and she is like me, we love spooky stuff, and Halloween. So we were to meet Carla in front of the Sonoma City Hall for our late afternoon tour. The city hall built in the 1800's was amazing.
In the photos, you see a few of the haunted places we visited. The big white house was a sea captain's home complete with the widows walk. Just like in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. The no trespassing signs you see are on an old house that has been boarded up since the 1940's. Amazing, and spooky. Apparently the contents is all inside, right down to the china and silverware.
As you can see, from the photos, Tracie and I with Carla our tour guide. Tracie blond, me not blond. Carla in the middle, has lived in Sonoma her entire life and knows it and the history so well. If you ever get a chance take the tour. Just google Sonoma ghosts!
One photo is of the husbands and Carla. My husband on the left, Tracie's on the right.
After the 2 hour tour, we all had a wonderful dinner together.
Tracie and I hope to get together sometime again in the future. Meanwhile we will have to email and visit each others blogs.
Please visit my blog later in the week for more fun in Northern California.
I did a whole walk just snapping photos of old homes in Healdsburg California. It's like hooked on houses.
Enjoy your Sunday and the week ahead.
Had fun, but glad to be back home. I have so many new orders to fill for Christmas, if there are any elves out there, please show up at my house tomorrow.
PS, we celebrated our 34TH anniversary yesterday Oct 23rd.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Christmas Already?

Hi all! Hope you are having a nice week.
I saw my first Christmas commercial last night. Can't they wait until my favorite fall holidays are over? Guess not! I love Halloween, and Thanksgiving of course. I hate the way they just skip right over Thanksgiving. Not a thing I can do about it, just thought I would vent for a second.
Anyway, this birdcage is my purchase from the Rose Bowl this past Sunday. We were having a mini heatwave, and it was one of my only purchases that day. I was just too hot to enjoy it. I did have a frozen lemonade that was refreshing and delicious.
Not sure yet what I am going to do with this cage, but probably not using it for a bird. I will have to incorporate it into my decorating some way. Maybe Christmas decorating. Speaking of Christmas, I already had a request for a Christmas crown, and this is what I came up with. So I guess I'm technically in Christmas mode in October.
Now, back to Halloween, I'm in the mood for some scary fun so next week I'm going on a ghost tour. I will tell you all about it after.
I hope you are planning a fun weekend!!
Talk to you after my tour!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Halloween

Hi all!
I finally got to do a bit of Halloween decorating. I have been so busy making things for others, I've hardly had the chance to decorate.
I took some time yesterday afternoon to get started. Halloween is a favorite time of year. I love the Fall, and everything associated with it.
I hope you are planning a fun fall weekend.
Mine will consist of more decorating, and heading out to the Rose Bowl flea market.
What ever your plans, I hope you enjoy!
Chat again soon.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Before and After Hutch/China Cupboard

Hi all!!
Hope you had a nice weekend. Last Monday we had a record high, and this morning we have light rain, and cool temps. Yay for Fall!!
Last Sunday I was walking at the Ventura Flea Market, and I stopped in my tracks when I saw this beautiful French hutch. My first reaction was it's probably already sold, as sometimes things are.
I asked the lady if it was still for sale and much to my surprise it was.
It took some convincing my husband that I really wanted it, and even though it was a pain to get into my suv, I really wanted to get it.
We talked about how I was so tired of the one we had, and this one would go way better with my new farm table etc, etc. The old one is not an antique, and was a hand me down, that I painted. It served it's purpose for a very long time. So the white one is the before, and the wood one is the after.
I had so much cleaning out to do to get my things arranged in the new one, but again worth it. The old one has a new home at my daughter's house, her hutch was smaller, and this one will give her more storage room.
By the way, the pretty pumpkin came from my trip to Nipomo and the Remnants of the Past show this past Saturday. If you want to see pictures, google Remnants of the Past in Nipomo. It was so crowded and busy, that I did not take any photos this time.
Well, I'm off to go make some chicken wire crowns, and admire my new hutch.
Have a great week.
PS, what does it mean when you lose some followers?? Does it mean you don't post enough, or visit enough, or you are boring? Not sure, but I have lost a few lately.
So sorry, but I have been extremely busy with tons of orders, which is great! It doesn't leave me a lot of extra time to visit and leave comments, but I try. I really enjoy all of the blogs out there, and who doesn't love leaving a comment?
It's fun!! Anyway I apologize to those people who don't understand that making art takes ups a lot of time, and I am super detailed with what I make.
I will try to post and visit more often in the future.
OK, rant over!!