Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Goods!

As promised, here are my treasures that I brought back from Remnants of the Past, and the Ventura Flea Market last weekend.
This rusty bucket will soon house some pretty flowers. The butcher block is getting used to being in my kitchen, or should I say my husband and I are getting used to it being in the kitchen. I have always wanted some type of an island in my kitchen. My husband always tells me there is no room, so when I spied this small sized block, he couldn't say no. I think it makes the kitchen more cozy, plus an extra work space or spot for something pretty.
Check out the 2 wire baskets, one was $30 the other $2 crazy I know.
I love the apothecary bottle that I bought from Heather. I found an antique label on etsy that I am going to put on it. The mirror is going to be hung in my family room.
The wooden dough bowl that I bought from my friend Jennifer Grey, will be cleaned out and maybe will hold fruit. Not sure yet what I'm doing with all of it, but it's fun stuff. I love decorating with these things, as I know you do.
I hope you are having a good week!!
Chat again soon.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Remnants Of The Past!

That is the name of the awesome antique show/sale in Nipomo California. I spent the day there today, and it's always amazing. The photos don't do it justice. These are just some of the scenes outdoors. There is a whole giant inside the barn part too. It's pretty dark and crowded inside, so no photos of that.
Everyone brings their best, prettiest, unique, and expensive stuff. There are many designers shopping, as well as us ladies who love to shop. There are a few men shopping as well. What are we shopping for? Well, there is something for everyone. Things to decorate with, things to collect, even plants, flowers, and sweet treats.
Sue Whitney was there the founder of Junkmarket. She had her book for sale, and of course I bought one for her to sign. It's all about finding junk, and what to do with great flea market junk, and junk in general once you get it home. Later in the afternoon she was holding a class on making a fairy garden. I did not stay for that, as we had a very long drive home. I have to say it was worth getting up extra early, and driving for over 2 hours. Even if you didn't buy anything, just to get some decorating ideas was worth it.
I got to visit with Heather Bullard. If you haven't been to her blog or website, you should check it out. I saw a few other flea market friends as well.
I bought a couple of fun things I will show soon on a future post. I'm waiting til after the flea market tomorrow.
This show happens in April and October. You might remember me talking about it last fall. Anyway, I have to go and rest up, as it's another early morning tomorrow.
Hope you enjoy a tiny glimpse of the show.
Have a great weekend.
Chat again soon.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrate Your Day!

Hi all, can you believe it, the weekend is upon us again. Great!!
I'm celebrating my day with random shots around the house. I finished a lampshade I was working on. It's going to Sticks N Stones!! Now I'm working on a smaller one today. My main job today is cleaning the house, so I thought I might as well be in a good frame of mind for that, and just celebrate my day.
I hope you do the same!!
Baby Jake turned 7 months yesterday. Time does fly when you are having fun!
Just think, in a few short months I will be making him a party hat!!
Big plans for the weekend, Nipomo to the fabulous Remnants of the Past barn sale, and on Sunday the Ventura Flea market. You know what that means, come Monday I will have to show you what I found. If you want more info, google Remnants of the Past in Nipomo California.
I'm going for my walk now. Enjoy your day!!
Chat again soon.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I Spy A Wedding

Hi all! Hope you had a lovely weekend.
I attended a wedding on Saturday. This was the wedding of my good friend and walking buddy Joan's son Dylan. The bride and groom looked beautiful and so happy!!
The weather was perfect and the surroundings were amazing.
I was lucky enough to be able to help out with some of the preparations, ideas, and decorations. It was a travel themed wedding, as the bride and groom share a love of travel. I made the escort cards to resemble little post cards (Click to enlarge photo) I decorated an old overnight case as part of the decor. I did another case to hold the cards and envelopes. I did a large vintage postcard for the table numbers. It turned out exactly like they wanted, which made me happy. I was happy to help.
If you click on a photo it should enlarge for you.
It was a lot of fun, but now my friend and I can get back to our regular routine of walking in the mornings, and not worry about the wedding prep. The kids are on their Honeymoon in Jamaica.
The song that you hear playing right now was the song they danced to for their first dance. One of my favorites!!
Enjoy your Monday and your week!
Chat again soon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's My Party Hat!

Hi all, and Happy Thursday!
These fun party hats and crowns are leaving my house tomorrow, and are headed to the Cupcakery Bakery and Boutique! Thought you might like to see them before they fly out of here to someones birthday party. They are quite colorful, and were fun to make. Here is the problem, every time I make new crowns and hats, it's hard for me to let them go. I get attached to them (Literally with glue)Ha ha! But seriously I want them to always find a good home. Could you imagine if I kept them all? Bad idea!
That is my rambling for today. (Must be the hair color I had done today)
Hope you had a good week. TGIF tomorrow!!
If you ever want a special party hat or crown, please let me know, I would be happy to make one for you.
Chat with you soon.
PS, if you love antiques and fun go to The American Pickers new fan page on facebook. They are trying to hit 1000 fans by days end!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Random Shots That Require French Music

Hi all!
So it's cold and dreary for April, and last night we had a big rainstorm.
This afternoon I started snapping away, then decided this post needed French music. I guess it's my silly mood today. Must be the weather.
I hope you are all having a nice Monday! A nice friend came by earlier and brought me these daffodils. That turns dreary into cheery!
In some of the photos you will see some little changes I have been making around the house. I like to move things around, add, and take away. I'm sure you do the same.
Sometimes I walk around looking for just the right spot. Then I place an item, and in the next few minutes decide that I don't really like it in the spot, so I move it again. It sounds crazy, but that's what I do.
I think it's fun!
This is going to be another busy week for me. A lot going on.
Anyone watching Dancing With The Stars tonight? (I know you are watching Jean)
Have a good one!
Chat again soon.