Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Headboard In Place!

Hi all!! The new/old mantel is finally in place behind our bed. It took some work, more than expected of course. I cleaned it with warm water and tsp. Then I used this wax called Fiddes and Sons. You put it on with a cloth let dry then buff. It sure made a difference, it brought out the color of the paint and made it a bit shiney!!
My husband added some wood and brackets to the bottom of the piece as to raise it up a bit.  At first he just added the brackets but soon found out wood was needed as well. So after all of that we got it in place, and I really like the look. Of course if and when I decide to paint the walls we will have to move it. HaHa :0
I am going to start including the prices and places I found my pieces for you. This piece was found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, it was $200 it is over 100 years old! The wax was about $16 and the brackets a few dollars.
Have a wonderful week, and I hope to be posting some new finds soon.

Friday, February 17, 2012

It's About Time!!!

Hi all it's been awhile!!! I have been busy creating new art pieces. It is a lot of fun, but takes up most of my time during the day.
I have decided to do a new kind of thing for my blog. I am going to show and report on my flea market and garage sale finds, and how I use them in my home.
Let us start with this awesome mantel/fireplace surround that I found last Sunday at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  It is over 100 years old and has the perfect chippy, worm holes, and aquaish color to it.
I am going to use it behind my bed as a headboard.  First I need to clean and wax it, then raise it up a bit so it's the perfect height for the bed.  When it's all done and in place I will show and tell.
Have a great weekend!!! Missed you guys!!