Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jars of Fun

Hi all!
Happy Tuesday!
I have been making these old mason jars into creative pieces of art lately.
They are really fun to make, and look cute hanging on a doorknob or hook.
You just need an old mason jar and some creativity. You can't tell, but I hang all kinds of odds and ends from the sides of the jars which give them a final touch.
My favorite is the trick or treat girl. You know it's 2 months exactly til Halloween. If you have an old jar, old photos, odds and ends, try making a jar.
They also look cute strung side by side.
Have a creative day!
Chat again soon,

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Weekend Hydrangeas

Happy Friday all!
Hope you have some great fun plans for the weekend!
Thought I would leave you for the weekend with some pretty hydrangeas from my garden.
I let them stay on the plant for a long time so I can get these great muted colors.
For some reason this year they took longer to start blooming. It's kind of nice though, when this happens I can have hydrangeas all the way through the holidays.
I'm just about to leave to go on my walk, the weather is a bit cooler today, so I think it's going to be a great day!
Whatever your plans, enjoy!!
Chat again soon.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sticks ~N~ Stones

Hi all!
Hope you had a fun weekend! Can't believe it's already Tuesday!!
These photos are from Sticks N Stones in Agoura Hills California. Diane the owner has a great eye for wonderful things as well as setting up the various vignettes in her store. She also carries, my crowns, lampshades, banners, and all of my other fun items. She just started her blog this month, so visit her new blog if you get a chance. Just click on this link, Diane's Blog or go to my sidebar and click on Sticks N Stones. Leave her a comment, she will love it.
Have a great week!!!
I will be working on some new items this week, especially for Halloween.
Chat with you again soon.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Packed Up And Ready To Go

Not me, these pretty in pink party things for the cupcake store, Cupcakery Bakery and Boutique in lovely Thousand Oaks California. In all actuality, I delivered them yesterday, but just got around to doing this blog post. Trying to be funny I guess.
Also this side view of a black, gray and cream crown is for someone and you know who you are. It's just a bit of a tease for her, as she will not see the front until she opens the box. This crown will be leaving my house tomorrow, it's taking a short trip up state.
Guess what happened today? The most amazing and fun thing.
You have all heard me talk about my friend Jean in Rhode Island, well we have emailed back and forth everyday for the last several years. We met because somehow she found my blog and wanted a crown. Then we became fast friends. We have a lot in common and the rest is history. Anyway last week she asked of I would make her a few items for an upcoming birthday in her family, so I did, and she received the package today. Well instead of emailing me like we always do, my phone rings, and it's Jean on the other end. Well big deal you say. Yes it is, you see it's the first time we have ever talked to each other on the phone, and we didn't know what we each sounded like.
Isn't that weird? You get some idea in your head, but you never know what someone will sound like or look like for that matter. She has seen pictures of me, but I have no idea what she looks like, because she is a girl, who says she doesn't take a good picture. One of those girls. I have conjured up a pretty picture of her in my head though. I think I will see what she looks like when we meet in person someday.
OK, so I'm rambling today, forgive me for that, but it was all very exciting for me.
It made my day!! Thanks Jean!
I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings today. You all have a wonderful day, and upcoming weekend!!
Chat again soon.
PS, Jean this song is for you!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lampshades R US

Hi all!
Here it is Sunday, and I haven't blogged since last Sunday. Too busy making lampshades I guess. It takes some time but the results are worth it.
Just dropped these off at Sticks N Stones today.
I hope you are all having a nice weekend, and have a great week ahead. I can't believe I'm working on Halloween stuff. Where has the summer gone? I was in Michael's today, and not only was Fall/Halloween all over the store, so was Christmas. Crazy!
I'm also working on stuff for Baby Jake's first birthday party, coming up in September. That was such a fast year. I guess time flies when you are having fun.
Well, I just took a little break to post this, so it's back to work for me.
Chat again soon.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Fireplace Makeover

Hi all!
Happy Sunday!
Hope you are having a great weekend.
I spent yesterday at the new home of our friends, they just moved into a big beautiful new home on a golf course with an amazing view.
They decided that their fireplace looked too bland. It actually was all beige, the whole entire thing. They asked me if I could faux paint it to look more like stone, and to give a warmer feel to the room. So I got out my paints and glazes and went to work. It took me about 4 hours to get this look.
They loved the way it turned out, and it was just the look they wanted. They are very pleased with the outcome, and so am I. I had a lot of fun painting, and they made me a fantastic lunch, which we had out on their new patio. We ate, and watched the golfers, bunnies and lizards.
They were very surprised that you could get a look like this just using some paints and glazes. I was a bit nervous, as I have never painted for anyone but myself and my daughter. I always say that it's just paint, and if you don't like it, paint over it. That was not the case, they loved it, and really appreciated my creativity.
I don't have a before picture but, it was big, beige,and boring, until I got my little hands on it.
Hope you have a wonderful week.
Chat again soon.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

An Unexpected Gift!

Hi all!!
Hope you are having a good week.
My back and neck are starting to feel better so that is a good thing.
I got an unexpected package in the mail yesterday from my friend Jean in Rhode Island. Jean went to Brimfield a couple of weeks back, and look what she got for me.
Surprise, a really pretty crown cast out of cement. I think it's awesome!! I love it!
Thank you Jean, you are such a thoughtful friend.
Jean told me in the note, that now I have something from Brimfield. I hope to get there sometime and check it out for myself.
Aren't unexpected presents fun? Along with this crown, I also got two tiny tiles with my initials on them, and 2 pair of vintage rhinestone earrings which I use in my crown making. Now if I could just get Jean on a plane to California for a visit, I would take her to the Rose Bowl. One of us needs to get on a plane, and we both hate to fly. Maybe a train!!
Hope you all have the nicest friends too!!
Have a great weekend!
Chat again soon.