Thursday, May 6, 2010

Remember This Chair?

Hi all! Hope you had a great week. It's almost Friday again. Yay for that, and Mother's Day too!
Do you remember this chair that I bought at the Paris Flea Market in Carpinteria? It was June 08. How time flies when you are having fun. Anyway, this chair is out of the house right now. It went to the slipcover ladie's workshop. It will come home next week with a new cover. Can't wait to see that, because you will never guess what I am having it covered with. Give up? A giant drop cloth from Home Depot. That's right ladies, a $30 drop cloth. I searched for several months for the right fabric. I wanted just the right linen, but I never found what I really wanted. Not even online, which is really hard anyway considering your really can't feel the fabric that you are buying.
Then I talked to my friend Diane, and she said what about a drop cloth? I remembered seeing that done on one of the HGTV decorating shows. So I thought why not. I washed it twice, in a ton of fabric softner, then gave it to the slipcover lady. Can't wait to see the results. She thought it was a great idea! I didn't have to spend a fortune on the fabric. So you will see it as soon as I do.
I like the red and white stripes, but I wanted to be able to switch it up, like now when summer is coming. I think the red and white is nice for winter. The drop cloth is kind of an off white oatmeal color, which is what I wanted anyway.
Maybe by the end of next we will all see the new chair.
You all have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there!!
I'm heading to the Rose Bowl. (My husband takes me there every Mother's Day) Love that! Then dinner with my mom and my daughter. It's my daughter's first Mother's Day!!
Chat again soon.


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hello dear Rosemary!
Yes, I have heard of this idea and it is fabulous! I cannot wait to see your results!! I hope you have a lot of fun at the Rose Bowl and that your Mother's Day is can it not be? With little Jake to celebrate with....Happy Mother's Day to your daughter as well!
Take care,

Preppy Mama said...

Can't wait to see how it turns out!! Happy Mother's Day!

Little Messy Missy said...

Great chair, I love the colors!

Simply Me Art said...

Can't wait to see it. I have heard people using the drop clothes for Curtains, so Im not too surprised. great Idea, one chair with two different looks. Have a Wonderful Mother's Day and wish Amanda a Happy first Mother's day too. Xo Jamie

Rose H (UK) said...

Looking forward to seeing the results. I've seen drop cloths used in the UK on quite a few 'home makeover' shows for a variety of things, I've always thought the results were great!

My Grama's Soul said...

What a great and clever idea you shared with us today!!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Happy Mother's Day, Rosemary. Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Rosemary, I hope you have a wonderful time with weekend with your family . . sounds like its going to be special. Happy Moms Day!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Rosemary my dear old blogger pal, this is going to be an exciting revelation!! I can totally see where you are going with this.....that sort of linen is just perfect for this chair. YIPPPPPEEEEE! Love ya'! Anita

I say dear "old" blogger pal, because you have been following me since I started blogging while many that started out with me no longer visit. Thank you so much.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hi Rosemary!
Oh, I think that's going to look just wonderful! I can't wait to see it!


Maija said...

Can't wait to see the finished piece!! Have so much fun at the flea market with your husband!!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Rosemary, I've never doubted you matter what rusty item, piece of chicken wire, or strange THING you turn into always has turned out wonderfully well...but the DROP CLOTH...(crosses arms)...I'm taking a wait-and-see attitude on THIS one!!!

Beatnheart said...

Cool Idea!! Maybe I'll see you at The Rosebowl!! ha ha...Stop on by, I'm having a Giveaway....

My Vintage Treasures said...

How fun a drop cloth!!!
Can't wait to see the transformation!

Mermaid Queen said...

Can't wait to see your slipcover Rosemary, and have a Happy Mother's Day at the Rose Bowl!
Take care,

LuLu Kellogg said...

The drop cloth idea is fabulous. You are one resourceful chickie!

Happy Mother's Day!

Sugar Bear said...

Oh that is a great idea! Looking forward to the after.

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

I bet it's gonna look fabulous when it's done. I too used a drop cloth to slipcover my sofa...and love the results...I'm sure you will too.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a great idea! I love that! Fabric is so expensive. Why not a drop cloth.
Happy Mother's Day!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Rosemary,

Your chair is beautiful and I look forward to seeing the new look.
Have a lovely Mothers Day and good luck with finding something nice at the Rose Bowl. I can remember you talking about this last year and really it does not seem that was a year ago!


Kim said...

I love the idea of doing the chair in the drop cloth. I love the nubby look of that fabric & the price can't be beat!