Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's A Blizzard!

Not really, just snowball cookies.
Sorry I haven't been visiting, I'm up to my elbows in shopping, wrapping, making last minute orders, and baking snowball cookies.
I'm sure you have all been just as busy. Every time I look at the counter on my sidebar, it makes me nervous. I think we all work a bit better under pressure.
That is what my friend Carole said to me. If you want to see a beautiful blog visit Carole.
Well, I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I hope you are all having a wonderful week. By the way, we are having an unseasonably warm day today in Southern California. It's 75 today! This happens sometimes in December, but it doesn't last.
Cold weather and rain will be back in a few days.
Have a great rest of your day!
Chat again soon.


Lenore said...

Hi your cookies....had to comment as I am going to bake some of my snowballs tomorrow and refrigerate the rest of the dough until Wednesday.
I too live in So CA and am enjoying getting out on the patio and having a cup of tea.....your cookies would be PERFECT with the tea.
Christmas blessings to you and your family.

icandy... said...

I'd love to be stuck in that "blizzard" anyday! :P

I'd eat all of those snowballs right up!

Happy holidays!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

...and the BEST blizzard to be stuck in. My favorites!!!

Understand busy and blogging....just ain't 'nuff hours in a day!!!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I thought it never rained in southern California!!!

Love those snowball cookies of yours. I could eat an entire flurry, I'm afraid...

Laura said...

Hi Rosemary!
Those snowballs look delicious! Carole always has wise words as well as a beautiful blog! My son Dan claims he works better under pressure too...he's currently working on a huge paper due makes me crazy! I can't handle the pressure...I'll just eat the cookies!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OMG Rosemary...will you please tell me the recipe for these things? My Auntie used to make something that resembled these cookies during Christmas. Are these rum balls? Do tell....! Relax, have fun and have a great weekend! Anita

chicroses said...

Hi Rosemary, Your snowballs look so yummy. I wont start baking till next week. I would eat everything up if I started now.
Wished we had 75 degrees...weve been iced in for a couple days here in eastern washington state. If you go to my blog you will see a photo of my hubby and I back in 1972 christmas. Have a wonderful xmas. Sally

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Yum! We're both blogging about cookies today! Those look delicious-Mexican wedding cakes?
Something happened to mine--drop by and see if you get a chance.
I'll send you some snow if we get any! It's supposed to start this afternoon.

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my kind of blizzard xoxoxo Clarice

Ginger said...

Loved the blizzard, Doing some shopping today on the net.Loved the wreaths what a wonderful ideas you have on here much love and christ love to your and your's Merry Christmas my dear friend!

Kim said...

I love snowball cookies! My mom has assured me that there will be plenty waiting for me at her house when we arrive for Christmas.

Susie Q said...

Bill's absolute favorite cookies!!
I am loving catching up with you..been a crazy couple of weeks and I am waaay behind. Just wanted to pop in to say,
I will be thinking about you and am sending you lots of wishes for a sweet day...

Merry Christmas dear friend...