Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Jake!!

We got a call at nearly 3 am this morning that our daughter Amanda was leaving for the hospital as her water broke. She already knew baby Jake was breech, so C-section here we come. By 4:03 this morning Jake Grayson Balice made his way into the world.
Everyone is doing fine, even though there was some drama with the delivery.
He is 8lbs 4oz and is 21 inches long.
As you can see from these early photos, the proud new dad Joe, my husband Mark, Me, and a tiny glimpse of Amanda. She would like more flattering photos of herself as she is looking a bit dragged out here. She will look fabulous later I'm sure, after she is more rested.
If I sound a bit rambling or crazy it's lack of sleep.
It's all very exciting, and he is so cute!!
Congrats to Joe and Amanda!! Great job!!
We will be heading back to the hospital a bit later today.
If you click on Baby Balice Blog on my blog list, I'm sure they will have more photos of baby Jake.
Have a happy day!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I'm glad it's over! Glad all involved are doing well! WELCOME BABY JAKE!!!

Simply Me Art said...

Yippeeee! Happy Birthday Baby Jake! Im so glad everything turned out fine and Mr. Jake made his way into the world. He looks just so Cute. Wow.. He is a Big Boy too. I hope Amanda heals quickly and everyone rests up before Baby Jake comes home. Congratulations to everyone Grandma, Grammy, Nana, hehehehehe, its really fun spoiling a baby too. Big Hugs to you and Mark, you must be Thrilled. I'll chat with you soon, get some rest. Jamie

Mermaid Queen said...

Congratulations Rosemary!!!! Baby Jake is a cutie, and he's a big boy! Oh you must be so excited, and tired. You and Mark look too young to be Grandparents!...well have a wonderful day, which I'm sure you already are. XOXO
Take care, Martha

Coastal Sisters said...

How wonderful Rosemary!! I am glad everyone is doing well and you have a new wee one to spoil! Happy Cake Day to baby Jake!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! HOW FUN AND EXCITING!!! you know i love babies!!! love the picture of you holding look so comfortable...

many blessings!!

tara said...

Yeah, i was thinking to myself, has the baby come along yet and there bam, there you are holding sweet...glad everyone is doing well. Congrats!

Valarie said...

Congratulations Rosemary...I am so happy that baby Jake and Mom are doing well. You are about to find out that being a Grandma is the most wonderful thing in the world!! What a lucky baby to have you!!
xxoo Valarie

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

How exciting!! Congratulations! I'm glad everyone's doing well!

Welcome Jake!


Jenny and Keith said...

Congratulations to you and your family! I'm so glad everyone is doing well and baby Jake is just perfect!

Can't wait to see more photos!!



Alison Gibbs said...

Rosemary how exciting. Welcome to Our World sweet Baby Jake.

Michelle said...

awwww! Congratulations!

Kim said...

Oh, happy day!!! He is just gorgeous & I'm so glad to hear that mom & baby came through safe & sound. Congrats, Grandma!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Rosemary!!! Congratulations, you are a grandmama! He is beautiful!!! I wanna see a prince crown, come on!!

Bisous to you all, ANita

Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

He's beautiful Rosemary!!! I can't believe you got photos up already, you are amazing! Congratulations! I'm so glad that baby and Mom are doing well.

Jackie said...

Congratulations!! Geoff and I just got home from meeting baby Jake, and he's absolutely precious! Looks so much like his Mommy and Daddy!

vintage girl at heart said...

Welcome Jake Grayson what a beautiful boy and a strong name!!!

Sugar Bear said...

Congratulations Rosemary! I think I looked a bit dragged out the entire first three months!

moti said...


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

What a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations Rosemary!!

Storybook Woods said...

Welcome to the world Jake, I am sooo happy for you. Clarice

Jessica said...

Awwww, congrats!

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

So happy for you!!! and for the the new Mommy and Daddy!
Such an exciting time for your family!
Big Hugs!

Lori said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Oh what a beautiful little child, Mom and dad are very fortunate to have such a nice size little boy to care for!!! He was good size! Don't you just want to snuggle all up with him? Best wishes for a healthy new grandson!! Love,Lori

jen c. smith said...

welcome to granparent-hood! he is a doll!

Draffin Bears said...

Congratulations Rosemary to darling baby Jake and Grandparent-hood!
I have been away for a few days so I have only just seen this.
What an exciting time for your Family.
Best wishes for your daughter, husband and darling baby.


Shabbee Chick said...


Laura said...

Congratulations Rosemary! How wonderful for your entire family.....Welcome to the world, baby Jake!

Susie Q said...

Oh Rosemary! Congratulations! He is precious and I just love his name!
What a lucky baby to be surrounded with so much love!
Happy, happy days ahead!!
Blessings to you all.

Monica said...

Congrats to you all on the new sweet addition! Jake is a doll :)
Loved all his pics!

cindy said...



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