Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Springing Up!

Happy Tuesday!
I am back to regular blogging, Yay!
Little nests and bunnies are starting to spring up. Thought you might like to see.
It is so much fun to decide where you want things to go. I love to play with all of my pretties, and move them around the house until they look just right. In fact I am probably a little too obsessed about it, but things really bug me if they don't look right. Who knows how many more times these things will get moved around, but at least I am having fun! Isn't that the main idea anyway?
I am also planning my approach to this coming weekend of picking out, and planting flowers for the garden. Cleaning up what is left of winter, and making the backyard a haven for Spring and Summer.
I hope you have a lovely Spring day!
Chat again soon.


Valarie said...

I am soo glad that you are back. You must have gotten all of your orders filled!! I love spring also, I am hosting Easter this year, and am so excited. Have a wonderful day.
xxoo - Valarie

Mermaid Queen said...

Love all your decorations Rosemary. I've been buying plants, and getting out bunnies, birdies and nests too. Have fun!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I really like that nest with the stars springing out of it.

But I like ALL of the decorations!

Hope you plant some 4 O'Clocks in that garden of yours -- they smell so good in the evening.

Robyn said...

Looky looky! All kinds of goodness in here!

Laura said...

Your spring arrangements are so sweet and cheerful..love everything...especially that little wire basket in the first pic! It was so cold again here this morning but supposed to be warmer by the weekend...thanks for the springy pics!Laura :)

Susie Q said...

Yea! Rosemary is back! Your lovelies are just so, so pretty! I can just see you fluffing and puttering away! It IS fun isn't it??


Allidink said...

YAY! Aw I just love looking at your neat pictures! They are really inspiring.

All the best,

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Nests make me so happy. I always love it when spring comes around!

Jerusalem said...

as always - so lovely!! you are so creative - keep it up!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

You always have the cutest decorations. I have caught up on your blog and have must compliment you on allll of the pretty things you have made. Isn't Amber just wonderful? She did my blog makeover and is so talented.

So proud of YOU AND your daughter.
She looks so cute pregnant. It seems like yesterday that she got married. Time sure flies.


Liz said...

Glad to see you back! Your home looks gorgeous, as usual!

And thank you so much for your kind comment yesterday, it was so sweet and I really appreciated it.


Draffin Bears said...

Love all your decorations around the house Rosemary.

You must be very proud of your daughter expecting a baby and will this be the first Grandbaby?
Best wishes that all will go well.


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Your paper creations are so delightful! I am enjoying my visit to your pretty blog! Blessings, Katie

TattingChic said...

Those decorations are lovely! You home must look so pretty this time of year! I'm sure it looks good ANY time of year, but I'm partial to spring, so, LOL!

Storybook Woods said...

Yes, enjoy playing, it looks wonderful xoxoxo Clarice