Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Almost, But Not Quite!

Hello All!
Happy New Year!
Just wanted to post a little kitchen update.
The back splash got started yesterday, and will be finished later today.
I posted before back splash, and after.
Today will be sealing and grouting.
Will post more pictures of the finished kitchen soon.

Ventura shop update, I pulled the rest of my pieces out of Garden Memories on Saturday, as the shop will be closing shortly. Very sad, but the owner Barbara is sort of retiring, and sort of trying some new things. Good luck Barbara!!

I am busy working on Marie Antoinette pieces this week. I will be posting about that soon.
Have a wonderful Day!
ps, sorry the pictures are after then before back splash!!


TattingChic said...

The backsplash looks nice! It must be so exciting to have it getting closer to being done!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

How gorgeous! I'm drooling. The colors are perfect and I covet that sink!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

It sure is looking pretty over in your kitchen!

Can't wait to see those Marie Antoinette pieces you are working on...very intriguing!

Michelle said...

the new look in the kitchen will be worth the wait! can't wait to see your new marie antoinette things!

Wanda said...

The kitchen is going to be so nice. I know you're going to love it, not to mention ready for it. Living with any kind of remodeling is harrrrd.

Tracy M. said...

It's looking great! Can't wait to see the finished project.

Maija said...

Looking good!
I'm going to a Marie Antoinette Soiree in LA this weekend- everything will be so pretty! i can't wait!

Mermaid Queen said...

Looks great Rosemary! So sad about Garden Memories. Wishing you every happiness in the New Year!

Susie Q said...

Well, I have turned green...a very strange shade of green. Emvy is a terrible thing isn't it? *smile*

It is gorgeous...I can not wait to see the completed project!!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Rosemary, your kitchen redo continues to look amazing. I love all the attention to detail. I still covet the farmhouse sink!! All of it is gorgeous already, so I know the finish will be fabulous. Looking forward for more updates!

Happy New Year!

Ginger said...

Love the looks of your kitchen so well done.
All the crowns look so good love them.
Wanted to wish you a Happy New Year 2009 to you and your family!
Gorgeous kitchen!