Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Hi all!!
Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
I should be back blogging soon.
I am so busy right now I am taking a little blog break!

Hope you all have a great holiday!
Chat again soon!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

And a Happy New Year to ye, as well! For luck: Eat plenty of black-eyed peas and cabbage and be sure to sweep out your back door at least once!

Heather Bullard said...

Happy New Year Rosemary! Many blessings to you in 2009!

Kim said...

Happy New Year to you as well! All the best for 2009.

TattingChic said...

Happy New Year!

Simply Me Art said...

Happy New Year to you Rosemary and to Mark too! So Happy we got to spend time together this year. I hope you two have a Healthy and Happy New Year.. Jamie

Linda said...

Rosemary,Happy New Year and all the best to you and yours in 2009. Enjoy your break...see you next year, hugs, Linda

Wren Cottage said...

Happy New Year Rosemary!!! Wishing you a new year filled with creativity and lots of joy!!!
xo Madai

Rhondi said...

Hi Rosemary
I haven't been by to visit since I've been away so much the month of December.
Hope 2009 is a wonderful year for you filled with lots of good things.
Hugs, Rhondi

KARA said...

Hi Rosemary

Happy New Year and love to all the family, sorry I have not popped by in a while pregnancy has not agreed with me, but only 8 days roughly to go now so soon I should be back on track hopefully.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

can't wait!!! happy new year!

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Happy New Year Rosemary!


Deb said...

Happy New Year Rosemary!

Storybook Woods said...

Happy New Years xoxoxo Clarice

Fete et Fleur said...

Happy New Year to you Rosemary. May your dreams come alive this year.


Donna O. said...

And A Creative and Happy New Year to you!!

Kim's Treasures said...

Happy New Year!

Robyn said...

Rosemary! I have missed you dearheart! Happy New Year!