Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Views and Snow!!!!

Here are a few more views of Christmas. I added some mercury glass bead garland to my new Pottery Barn piece.

Maybe you remember the old window frame I picked up at last months Ventura Flea Market?? I got some silvery snowflakes and embellished them. Then I tied one to each frame. (Click to make larger)

I added some trees and a white picket fence to my glass enclosed houses.

Snow in Southern California??? I don't think so. My friend Joan went skiing, and brought me back a cooler full of snow.

It made my snowman very happy, as well as me. It has been so cold here lately, there is still a trace left.

We can drive for 2 hours and we can go skiing. We can drive for 20-30 minutes and go to the beach. That's California!

Have a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend!



PAT said...

Rosemary, everything is so pretty! I love the snowflakes on the window frame and the real snow..that's fabulous! What a great friend!


Simply Me Art said...

She shlepped the snow back for you!! wow, that is a friend. Frosty reminds me of one we had when i was a kid living in Fla. of all places. my dad used to have him on the roof... Looks great Rosemary, I love the Window also... Have a wonderful cool weekend. Jamie

Southern Heart said...

Everything looks so nice, Rosemary! I always love seeing photos of your home. And how fun to have some snow---she is a very thoughtful friend. We don't get a lot of snow here, too, so it's always kind of exciting when we do. We also aren't two hours from skiing, OR a beach! Lucky you!! :)

xo, Andrea

Storybook Woods said...

Now that is a sweet friend to bring you a cooler full of snow. Clarice

Michelle said...

Mr. Snowman looks pretty happy! I love your snowflakes..glitter is so fun.


Linda said...

Hi Rosemary, everything looks wonderful. Your frame with the glitter snowflakes looks great, but I just love the under glass vignettes.
What fun snow for your snowman. Linda

Mary said...

If it wasn't so late and I wasn't so 'decorated out' I'd drag out those window frames I'm hoarding and do something like this - they look fabulous Rosemary, such a great idea. Love the glitter things available now, especially real glass glitter when it starts to age around the edges and get a bit tarnished....kinda like moi!!!!

Thanks as always for stopping by - always enjoy hearing from you. We've no snow to play in and I've no friend to haul it down from the Blue Ridge Mts. so will have to be patient.

Happy Christmas to you and yours.

Deb said...

Everything looks so pretty Rosemary! I love that your friend brought you a cooler of snow :-} We are bracing for a huge snow storm (it has been snowing since I woke at 6am).
Have a wonderful weekend!

Dolly said...

What a sweet friend to bring you real snow!
We have lots and lots of snow here.... you can have all you want! :-)

Love all your christmas treasures.....
Its always fun to visit you!

Hugz, Dolly

The Feathered Nest said...

That's so cool that your friend brought you snow! How fun! Everything looks so pretty! If it weren't for the earthquakes, we'd be in California cause I love the weather there.


Inspired Tokens said...

Everything looks so wonderful, even the snow!

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Your snow made me laugh, we are supposed to get a whopper of a storm can have some of ours!

Love your mercury know I need to find some!
Happy Holidays, DebraK

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

love, love, love the snowflakes! very p*r*e*t*t*y =) hApPy HoLiDaYs, debbie

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Rosemary, that snow is too funny! I see you are a busy girl too & are decorating up a storm. I think I picked up the same mercury glass little trees from Kohl's that I see in your post below?! I stopped by there after seeing what others have found & they were having a great sale. Bought a few little things.

Merry Christmas!

RedBessBonney said...

Everything is so pretty! Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the birthday wishes! Check my blog later this week for some beautiful winter pictures from the midwest!


Ashley said...

loooooooooove the snowflakes! will i ever have time again to do stuff like that? hmmm. thanks for the encouragement always. you are sooooo wonderful!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Rosemary, you said, "We can drive for 2 hours and we can go skiing. We can drive for 20-30 minutes and go to the beach."

We can too! =) We can ski in New Hampshire, or go to the beach here at home...EXCEPT we can't go to the beach wearing our bathing suits or we'll become frostbitten, unlike you lucky people in Calif! lol

You won my giveaway!!! Please leave your email on my blog and I'll get back to you (I won't publish your comment/email address).

KARA said...

oh pretty, i love the little picket fence.
snow oh i miss snow.
thats the one thing I loved in california when i lived there best of both worlds

Liz said...

I love love love the window frame with snowflakes. How cute, and you can do so many seasonal things with that. Your house looks wonderful, as usual.

Susie Q said...

All of your touches are so pretty. You have the loveliest any season!
I think that your friend's gift of snow is just wonderful! What fun and your snowbuddy seems so happy with it!

Have a sweet day!


Kim said...

I love how you put the house inside of the apothecary jar! I will have to do that next year. So creative.