Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wedding Anniversary

Hello bloggers! I missed you yesterday and today.
My computer died!!!! I now have a new computer, although I am a little frustrated right now. I am not used to the programs or this Windows Vista.

Anyway I am glad to be back online with my friends.
Just so you know the wind has died down, and the fires at least around here are much better. San Diego is another story.

Today is our 31st Wedding Anniversary. We were married on October 23, 1976. I was 20 years old at the time, and my husband was 21. I couldn't even drink champagne legally.
Three days from now our daughter will be getting married. Things around here are pretty hectic. Many appointments and last minute details.

I will be will be back blogging on Saturday or Sunday. I'm sure I will have wedding stories and pictures for you.

Thanks for all of your many well wishes and concerns for me and my family.
I found out today that my friend Jamie and her family did not have to evacuate from the fire.
Jamie is my friend and not too far away neighbor. You know her blog Simply Me Art.

So my friends, I will be back soon.
Have a great rest of the week.


chelle said...

31 years! Happy, happy Anniversary! And how special with your daughter getting married in just three days.

We sent you an email about the Swap. But will resend it, incase it got lost in the shuffle somehow between the new computer and the old.


Rosemary, I have just been watching the news about the fires in CA. My dear, I hope you & all your family & friends are safe & well. It is just too horrible. Ou hearts go out to all the people affected by these terrible fires.
Hugs, Coll :-}

Robyn said...

Happy Anniversary! And have so much fun at the wedding of your daughter! Take lots of photos! I can't wait to see! :)

Deb said...

Hello Rosemary
Congratulations on your 31st Anniversary! What a gorgeous wedding day photo - your dress is beautiful.

Storybook Woods said...

Dear Rosemary, remember to be good to you to not just the bride and try to stop and enjoy it all. Congrats on your anniversary. I love to see couple married a long time. Clarice

Nunnie's Attic said...

Happy Anniversary! How pretty you are!! Have fun at the wedding, don't cry too much. It ruins the portraits.

Stay safe!

smilnsigh said...

Belated Happy Anniversary!

I'm so glad you are doing fine, concerning the fires. And hope you continue to do so.

I came to tell you that your Vintage Halloween Cottage photos {on The Old Painted Cottage site} are very, very precious. I love them!!!!


Jill said...

Happy anniversary! It was my brother-and-sister-in-law's anniversary, too, and it was my birthday. What a great day!

PAT said...

Happy Anniversary Rosemary!

Good to hear the winds are backing off! And good to hear Jamie and family did not have to evacuate!

I can hardly wait to see the photos from the wedding. I am so excited for you and your family! Your daughter will be a beautiful bride.

If you stop back by, I have a give away going for my 100th post. If you have a minute, (ha, what's that!!) come on by the back porch and enter!

Best wishes for the weekend!

The other mother of the bride,

Maria said...

Congrats! hope you have many more lovely years with eachother.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Happy Anniversary; what a lovely couple!
Best wishes for the wedding ~ can't wait to see pics and hear all about it!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Happy anniversary, Rosemary! ARen't ya'll the cutest back in the 70's. And I know you are excited about your DD's wedding coming up. Big congrats on that. Thank you for being so faithful to stop by & see me.


DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Congratulations on your anniversary, that's quite a milestone!

I didn't realise that you were so close to the fires. It must be horrific for all the people that have lost their homes & those like you that are so close. Please keep us posted.

Can't wait to see wedding photos.
Hugs, DebraK

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Rosemary,

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! What a testiment to love, 31 years is such a huge accomplishment in today's society. Three days until the wedding, I'll bet you are one busy bee! Can't wait to see the pictures.


Genevieve Olsen said...

You two make an adorable couple!!!!Happy Anniversary ! I am glad that you and Jamie are safe!!!My prayers are on the way for you and your family for a beautiful and happy wedding day!!! I cannot wait to see the pictures!!!

Susie Q said...

Happy 31st to you!! It is my brother and sis in law's 15th today! What a beautiful picture! You were adorable! What a handsome man...but then, you are both the same today!
I know it is busy for you...but it is all so exciting and happy. My thoughts are with you!

Stay safe...the people we know in San Diego...most are still okay but one couple lost their home yesterday. They had packed up and left the day before so were able to save their most treasured things.

Enjoy all the fun events!!


the feathered nest said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Glad you got a new puter! I have Windows Vista too and I'm still not used to it! See ya when ya get back.


Michelle said...

Congrat's on your wedding anniversary and I hope your home is ok!

~Thanks for leaving me a nice comment on my 100th post!I already have your addy, so you can expect a treat in the mail!

Sweet Remembrance said...

Rosemary Happy Anniversary to you!
Have a wonderful day...
I can't believe the wedding is in 3 days...

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary and wishes for many more. Your picture is darling, you are a cute couple. Looking forward to lots of wedding pictures, see you when you are back. Thankful you are all safe. Linda

The Decorated House said...

I'm so happy to know you are OK out there. The pictures just make us all cry to see them.

Happy Anniversary!

Liz said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. You were beautiful then and you are beautiful now!

susan at black eyed susans kitchen said...

Wow, congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Our daughter was married on the 13th. I am still having visions of weddingness dancing in my head. I have a few words of advice for you. Enjoy the day. Enjoy the company and try to be in the moment. It is hard not to look at your baby and remember, well everything about her childhood. This is a wonderful thing. I hope that she has many, many years of happiness and good health. You will be a great mother of the bride! Susan

Simply Me Art said...

Wishing you and your Husband a Happy Belated Anniversary. Congratulations with Everything happening this week... Cant wait to see all the pics and hear the details.. So Glad we are still here and house still standing... Jamie

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Happy Anniversary! What a darling couple!

And have a very blessed, wonderful wedding! I look forward to reading about it and seeing photos. =)


Rosemary, just popped back to wish you & your DH Happy Anniversary, hope the wedding is wonderful & that you all stay safe with the fires around.
Hugs, Coll :-}

KARA said...

how lovely to remembering and celebrating your wedding at a time when your will be enjoying that of your daughter's love to all and have a fab day, I will be thinking of you

Thrift Shop Romantic said...

I had to check in and see if you all were okay, with regard to the fires. I'm glad I checked in here first rather than emailed you or I'd have been worried-- considering your computer problems coinciding in all the other natural disaster events.


Marilyn said...

Happy belated Anniversary!
We do have a lot in common....our age!!! I love being over 50 now it gives me all kinds of excuses...lol.

I hate hearing about the fires. We have friends that live in Julian and they've been evacuated to the desert. It breaks my heart that the news says it was arson that started the fires. How very sad. All are in my prayers.

Meg said...

Happy anniversary!

carlene federer said...

Happy Anniversary (that's quite an accomplishment in this day and age..31 years...WOW!!!) LOVE your wedding photo, you are SO pretty!!!
Good luck to your daughter on her big day as well, glad to hear the winds are dying down there in SoCal!!! Hoping for cool rainy days for you all!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Happy Anniversary!

I've been thinking about you and all of the wedding hubbub and hoping that the fires didn't mess up any plans.
I hope your daughter's day was perfect!

Kimberly :)

Allison said...

Rosemary, happy anniversary! I can't believe you are 51. You look so young, and in such good shape. I aspire to have the same success you have. I've been married for 9 years and it's so nice to see couples who have been married much longer and still having fun together and treating one another with such respect. I'm glad you guys are okay and not in danger of the fires. I'll continue to think about you and hope for the best.


tongue in cheek said...

Congratulations on your love feast, you are so pretty!! I cannot get over how much you and your daughter look alike.

Shine on love!

Anonymous said...


I got your name from Kim over at Daisy Cottage.....

Happy Anniversary,
Kathy :)


Amy said...

Oh...you tow looks so much alike! My husband nd I also married young...I was only 7 days "legal" to drink the champagne! So amazing. Did you ever imagine the day you'd be mother-of-the-bride???? It all goes so fast! Glad you are safe and smoke-free.

Amy said...

Oh Lordy...I had about 15 million spelling errors above...so sorry!!!! I was answering the door to trick-or-treaters!!!! HOW RUDE AM I???????