Friday, September 2, 2011

Too Busy to Blog! Halloween Pics!

Hi all, and Happy Labor Day Weekend!
Here are some reasons I have not been blogging lately.
Halloween, Halloween and more Halloween.
Picking out new light fixtures. This is my new Pottery Barn lamp.
More new lights to come!! I had to reorder my new pendant lights, so it took me awhile to find some.
I had originally ordered mercury glass pendants, but they were out of stock everywhere, and they kept pushing the arrival date further back until it wouldn't be til Thanksgiving that they might arrive.
So I went on line and found a great Etsy shop called Lamp Goods. Look it up on Etsy!!!
Really great lights. I found them, ordered them and they should be arriving any day now.
This shop has really unique lamps with a vintage feel as well as some industrial chic lamps.
I am glittering scary crows right now, and making more Halloween flags.
Have a great long weekend!!

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MJ Ornaments said...

Can't wait to see your glittery crows. I saw that etsy shop, and love their lights. Which ones did you order?
Xo Martha