Thursday, May 12, 2011

Recent Flea Market Finds

Hi all!!
Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!
I wanted to do a quick post on my garden flea market finds.
I found this old galvanized bucket, old weather vane, and this cool wagon all at the same local flea market. Ventura to be exact!
I know you love prices so here goes. Bucket $10, weather vane $20, and wagon $25. I decided to plant some lavender and there you have it. Pretty and unique garden decor on a flea market budget!!
Still working away on projects here.
I hope you are having a great week, and have a wonderful weekend as well.


Jen@GarageSaleDiaries said...

great garden finds! I love lavender!

Kait said...

Amazing finds! Where do you flea market?

chicroses said...

Great finds..Yes where do you find this great stuff? So I have promised you that I would tell you how I made the onion eggs.Sorry I havent dont this. I planned on doing a tutorial for you but it never happened.And sorry I should have told you before easter. Take outside leaves off of an onion(not red onions) layer them around a white egg. Then cut from old sheet cheese cloth squares. Then wrape around egg with onion skins wrapped.Tie the egg up with string. make it so it all wont come undone..boil as usual..10 min...then peal off all covering or leave till cool... Rub a little veg or olive oil all over..then your done. If you have any questions..ask please...we opened up an antique store called Minnie Jane's so have been so busy with that..I have also a blog for it..Sally

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