Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hi all!
Happy Wednesday!
Just a little update. Got this cool wooden baguette/candle holder at the flea market last Sunday. Even though it was pouring rain, my friend Jen was selling, and I got this from her. I decided to try my mercury glass candle holders on it for fun. Still not sure exactly where its going, but I like it.
I'm working on these new nests and eggs for Spring. We have been having a lot of wind here lately and the branches on my birch tree just keep falling, so I pick them up and use them to make these nests.
I'm also redoing my hallway. I had a ton of photos up for many years, now it's time for a change. The walls are done, but the hard part is coming up with what I want to put up on the walls. I want it to be very different, not a lot of photos.
If you have any great hallway ideas, I would love to hear them.
If you come up with something I end up using, I will send you a prize. Maybe a nest from my very own birch branches. So get thinking girls.
Spread the word, I guess I just this minute decided to have a little giveaway.
Best idea wins!! Most of the main hall is one side of the wall. So you only have to come up with one side. The other side has a closet door and linen closets. As the hall turns the corner I already have an old window hanging there.
At the very end of the hall I have a pretty white dresser. The rest is a clean slate.
The wall I want to decorate is about 8 feet long, and 8 feet high.
Thanks for any suggestions.
Chat again soon.


Maija said...

A most lovely display!!!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

I like the idea (and have used it!) of vintage mirrors. You can hang vintage tidbits over the mirrors as well and layer to your heart's content. We just have one side decorated on our hallway... I mean stairwell in this little house, but it works since the rail is just on the other side.

The baguette board is wonderful. We have one hanging over our kitchen door to the backyard (used that sticky square stuff @ back... well, Shayne did ;)

Happy decorating, we're going to Alameda this Sunday, can't wait. Good to hear you hit the flea last weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosemary!
So funny....I was going to suggest vintage mirrors as well! You could use many different small mirrors, or if you could find one of those antique, framed rectangle mirrors, that would be very dramatic! They are usually about 5 feet wide.
Have a great weekend-
Blessings and Hugs,

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Looks like you were very creative in putting them to good use! Maryanne;)

VintageNSoul said...

I love those nests! And what a fabulous idea of putting them in the candle holders! It makes me think Spring which is what I need living in CT!!! Lovely blog! Hugs, nic