Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Paper Decorations

Hi all!
Hope you are having a good week so far.
I have been working on some paper decorations. All you need are some old book pages, glue, scissors, glitter, seam binding, and some time. The last one is the hardest, as I haven't had much time lately. I'm finally getting done with my shopping, now everything has to be wrapped. I'm finding that stocking stuffers are the most difficult this year. I like to try to find interesting and unique items. I have to fill 5 stockings. Somehow my daughter has 2 stockings. She has since she was a baby, so the tradition continues. She loves it!! Who wouldn't?
It's all fun just the same. I need to make a call to Santa, maybe he can help me out.
I have been the worst blogger lately, but I'm sure you are all very busy this time of year.
We had a tiny heatwave, and thank goodness it's now over. It's back to the regularly scheduled weather for Christmas.
Enjoy your day!!
Chat again soon.


Carole said...

I don't know how you get time to create all that you do Rosemary. I'm just starting make a few things and of course it takes twice as long as I want it to.
Love the paper wreaths and the little ones are adorable.

We've been in a deep freeze lately....but I love it.


Beatnheart said...

Love your snow! the only kind we’ll get around here..

Terelo said...

Me encantan, te han quedado preciosos.

chicroses said...

Love the little ornaments..You are so talented and you xmas decorations in your home are gorgeous...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

ROSEMARY! THESE ARE DELISH!!! Can I buy some?????

How are you.....oh, I can see that you have been SOOOO BUSY! I want to learn how to make these things! But to find the paper and all the materials is not so easy!

All is well here, but it is so cold. My heat and vent men are here today to get some heat flowing to the new rooms so the joists don't heave from the SUB ZERO TEMPS HERE!!!

Enjoy your "heatwave"! We call it a heat wave when it hits above zero!!


Lisalulu said...

love the ornaments, I tried to make something like that but your's are so cool. and as far as stocking stuffers, they are the easiest... hit the $1.00 rack at Michaels, or target.. happy happy Christmas

Rose Carey said...

Love those paper decorations and just wish I had time to make some too...maybe next year! Your giveaway is going out in tomorrow's mail.

Storybook Woods said...

Oh Rosemary, I love what you have been doing. I hope you are enjoying the season xoxox Clarice

MJ Ornaments said...

Those turned out so pretty Rosemary. Lucky daughter having 2 stockings. :) Have a wonderful Christmas!

Thelma-Art said...

So lovely!! Happy Holidays!