Monday, November 29, 2010

Pre Mess

Hi all!
Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We had a great time. A lot of good food and good family!!
These are some photos of the pre dinnertime. After, not as pretty!!
Now everything is cleaned, put away, and the house is getting ready for Christmas.
We have the lights up outside, and the decorations have been brought in. I just need a tree and time to decorate.
Of course there are always a few glitches. I decided we needed some new reindeer for outside as ours were getting very old and worn out. We went out and bought 2 new ones, my husband spent a very long time putting up lights, putting together the new reindeer, only to find out the big one does not work. We checked all possible reasons, but it's a defective one.
So off the the Do It Center where we bought it to get another one. We will see how this one goes.
We have been having very cold weather for Southern California. Yay!! It makes it feel like Christmas.
Have a wonderful week.
Chat again soon.


Andrea said...

Gorgeous table!
Hope you have an awesome week!

Susie Q said...

It all looks wonderful. I am so glad you had such a sweet Thanksgiving Day...your home shines so during each holiday but then, it does so all throughout the year!

Autaven said...

What a beautiful table!! Very inspiring.

vintagesusie & wings said...

Glad you Holiday was filled with family & love! Your table looks beautiful, so makes me want more cranberry sauce! lol

MJ Ornaments said...

Your table looks so inviting Rosemary! Glad you had a happy holiday. Stay warm! Martha

Shabbygalsnest said...

Oh don't even complain about cold weather in So Cal! Try the high was 24 today in Iowa! Your table looked lovely and glad you had a wonderful day! Traci