Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Lot Of Moss!

I have been using it by the bag full. Moss that is. It's a new favorite craft supply of mine. These rusty pieces were purchased at a local flea market, then decorated by me. I love glittering the little birds, and making their nests. They are all slightly different, and they are for sale at Sticks N Stones in Agoura Hills California. Diane's beautiful store!! I have been using this moss for crowns, frames, mirrors,lamp shades, and now rusty old lanterns. Let me tell you, this stuff makes a huge mess. An even bigger mess than the burlap, but totally worth it. Believe me I track it all over the house. My vacuum gets quite a work out after these.
I hope you all enjoy your long Valentine/President's Day weekend.

Chat again soon.


Simply Me Art said...

My gosh you have been a Crafting Queen lately. I Love these. I know what a mess it makes I use Moss in my orchids. There is one type I Love but it has the most horrible stink for the first few days and everyone in the family gets annoyed when I use it. Hope you have a Wonderful Long weekend, Kids are off for four days, sleeping in sounds Great. xo Jamie said...

Love your mossy creations:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

LuLu Kellogg said...

That stuff makes the biggest mess for sure but I love using it.

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new creations :)


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Ohhh I know isn't moss just the worst! I try not to use it if I can but it looks great on those crowns!
I am drooling over that penmanshop book! what a find!

icandy... said...

Love that look, Rosemary!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My dear, dear Rosemary,

I love moss. I love the smell of moss. I love the look of moss. But you are right; it is messy! WOman, you really know how to turn my head. I have been lovin' birds a lot lately and that little glittered guy you have here is a hoot! I love the shot of him "head on" and his little eyes just staring right into the camera! This is exquisitely done, as always and evokes a sense of woodland royalty! Oh, I love it.......Bisous Rosemary, one of my first blogger pals in Blogland! Anita

Anonymous said...

They're so pretty!!

Pat@BPM said...

I love your mossy projects. Beautiful!

Happy Valentine's Day, Rosemary!

Tara said...

wow you have been one busy bee!! I love the spring feel! happy Valentines day to you and happy loooong weekend! :)

Tara said...

Hi rosemary, wow, you have been one busy bee...I love the feeling of spring in all of these photos! Happy Valentines day and happy long weekend~ xo

jen said...

Those are Fabulous! Just too tweet! Have a happy Valentine's Day full of LOVE and Laughter.
luvs and glitter

Denise said...

Such wonderful things that you are making! I go through little spurts of "moss love" myself. And glitter can't go wrong with those for sure!

Storybook Woods said...

Sooo charming, of course. Hpapy Valentines day dear Rosemary. I know it is full of soo much love and blessings xoxoxoox Clarice

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Queen Rosemary! You were the belle of the ball last night in your blue satin Marie-Antoinette gown! Thanks for stopping by dear! OH! I just love the pictures of your charming little birds here that I clicked on them to enlarge them. I HAVE A HUGH QUESTION FOR YOU! That darling little guy with the green face, looking head-on into the camera, he is weARING A CROWN!!! Is that metal or paper? If it is metal, do you sell the crowns? How can I purchase those crowns? DO TELL! Thanks for always coming by....Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Rosemary dearest,

How was the Vintage Paper event? I just love the music here...I will send you a picture of something I made this weekend...Anita