Monday, May 11, 2009

Had A Great Day!!

Hi all!
Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!
Mine started off here, at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.
My husband and I walked around for hours. I bought some cute, and interesting items, which I will post at a later date. I had my favorite frozen lemonade, and got a little sun on my shoulders. It was 81 yesterday! Yay for that.
It was a great day!
Later in the afternoon, we went to my daughter's house, where we met my mom, and all had a lovely dinner together.
Hope you had fun too!
I must make this a short post. I am expecting house painters this morning. We are getting the outside of our house painted.
Chat later this week.


the pleasures of homemaking said...

Sounds like you had the perfect day!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Sounds wonderful, Rosemary!

Michelle said...

sounds like you had fun! Happy mothers day to you too!

Laura said...

Sounds as if it was a perfect day...full of run and family!
Be well, Laura

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What color are you painting your house? Something tasteful, I know that much!

Glad you had such a nice day. I think 81 is the PERFECT temp -- not too hot, not too cold!

stefanie said...

hi, small world, that is where I was Sunday. I was wiped out, it is huge.

stefanie said...

I did find some things, funny how I went there to find thing for my shop, but....I found things for me. I got some really big white pillows, and some vintage euro linens from the left side as you go in the entrance. I was going to take pics but I got side tracked. I remember the booth you are in, in the pics, cute.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Rosemary,

What a lovely Mother's day you had and glad that you could go to the Flea market and spend time with your Mother and daughter.

Wonderful that the weather is lovely there for you and good luck with the house painting.

Enjoy your week

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

IOh how I remember going to the Rose Bowl for New Years! I bet you could find some great stuff at their flea market! Well, I guess you are working on a particular crown......YEAH! Anita

Allidink said...

Rosemary you lucky lady! I want to go to this so bad. Tell me, is it worth paying the extra money to get there before 9? I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day!

All the best,

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I'm so envious! I'd love to go one day.
I'm glad you had such a great day!

Liz said...

That sounds like a fabulous day! Especially the sun... we've had over a week of nothing but clouds and rain here. I miss the sun.

Karin Grow said...

Oh how I miss the rose bowl flea market. Someday, I'll make the two hour drive again. I love your blog by the way. I'll be back. Karin

Storybook Woods said...

I am a little late, happy mother's day. I sounds like it perfect. Clarice