Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mother's Day is near

Good Morning,
I just returned from my daily walk, and it is a beautiful Spring day out there. I saw the cutest baby bunny, and some baby ducks. Spring really is here.
Well Mother's Day is approaching fast. I have been obsessed lately with paper and scraps. Having read the many wonderful blogs out there, I have also become very inspired to try my hand at making a Mother's Day card for my mom this year. I thought you might like to see what I have come up with.
I had to incorporate a crown somewhere, because crowns are one of my favorite things. If I see a shirt with a crown on it, I am compelled to buy it.
Anyway I hope you like my mom's card, and maybe you will make one for your mom.


Allison said...

The card is beautiful! And welcome to the blogging community. It is so fun and inspiring. It's one of those things you do and it replenishes something inside of you that can at times get depleted. Can't wait to look around your site :o)


Amanda said...

What a pretty card, mom! Nana will love it!

Since you are into blogging now, you should check out my wedding photographers blog sometime ans see his work. He's awesome! and his daughter is adorable :)


Good luck with the blog! Can I call you "mother blogger" now?!?!?